The constitution of India is fulfilled by various important parts of others constitution”- Comment

Q.”The constitution of India is fulfilled by various important parts of others constitution”- Comment on it.

Ans: The Constitution of India is the backbone of democracy in our country. It is an umbrella of rights that gives the citizens an assurance of a free and fair society. The Constituent Assembly adopted the Constitution on 26th November 1949 and it came into effect on 26th of January 1950. Our constitution adopted all good features from the constitutions of countries all across the world.

 Preamble, Fundamental Rights, Federal structure of government, Electoral College, Independence of the judiciary and separation of powers among the three branches of the government Judicial review ,President as Supreme Commander of Armed Forces, Equal protection under law are adopted from Constitution of the United States

 We have taken many features from British constitution such as : Parliamentary form of government, The idea of single citizenship, The idea of the Rule of law, Writs, Institution of Speaker and his role, Lawmaking procedure, Procedure established by Law.

 Some features of Canadian constitution which has been adopted are: A quasi-federal form of government —a federal system with a strong central government, Distribution of powers between the central government and state governments, Residual powers retained by the central government.

 Irish constitution (Ireland), had provided Directive Principles of State Policy, Nomination of members to Rajya Sabha, Method of Election of President.

 Indian constitution has adopted some basic features from French constitution Republic and the ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity in the Preamble.

 Australian constitution has provided the idea of Freedom of trade and commerce within the country and between the states, Power of the national legislature to make laws for implementing treaties, even on matters outside normal Federal jurisdiction.

 Including all these there are many constitution from where many features are borrowed such as: Fundamental Duties (Russia and USSR), Emergency Power (Germany) Procedure established by law (Japan). Finally we can see our constitution as world’s largest flawless constitution which always aims to preserve the rights and liberty of the citizen.


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