Justify your views on the need of review of the constitution by Judiciary.

Ans: The Legislature, Executive and Judiciary are the three pillars on which the effective functioning of the Government rests. A balanced conflict is very necessary to achieve the ultimate public welfare and smooth functioning of the constitutional machinery. In India we follow the supremacy of the Constitution where the powers of the Parliament are circumscribed within the four walls set by the Constitution.

Judicial review encompasses Judiciary to review actions of legislative and executive by enshrining the principle of Rule of Law and maintaining separation of power principle at the grassroots level.

 Judicial review of administrative and legislative actions scrutinizes several constitutional amendments in the light of constitutional provisions by protecting the Constitution and the fundamental rights of the citizens.

 Judicial review thus formed a specific and special tool in the hands of the judges whereby unlawful actions of the legislative and executive could be quashed.

 Judicial review is a strong tool to keep a check on public bodies and rendering their accountability if their decisions or policies go outside the powers that have been specified in the Constitution.

Thus Judicial review It maintains effective checks and balances by controlling arbitrary or unjust acts taken on behalf of the Executive and the Legislature.



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