"Inclusive growth for shared prosperity" Discuss how shared prosperity can be achieved in India.

Q. "Inclusive growth for shared prosperity" Discuss how shared prosperity can be achieved in India.

Inclusive growth advocates about such a development which brings out shared prosperity for all, as it means overall development of the society starting from the upper to lower, literate, illiterate SC & ST’s etc.

Ways to achieve Shared prosperity:

Inclusive growth is the only way out to achieve this shared prosperity in india. Some innovative ideas has to be generated, followed by ensuring the basic amenities like equal opportunity for all, health and educational developments, social justice etc. to get rid into touch with the marginal section the following steps have to be taken.

**Involving all into skill development program.

** Ensuring regional development by providing better transport facility , communication system.

** Eco-Urbanization or green urbanization has to be developed for long term sustainable development.

**Industrialization in the under developed region of the country can achieve social prosperity through employment generation.

**Agricultural development and allied activity along with small scale industry has to be promoted. (Like:MSME’s)

**Providing credit facility should be provided to encourage new entrepreneur.

**Interconnected responsibility has to be developed between the govt. and citizen to gain inclusive growth.

Finally we can ensure maximum prosperity of entire population by giving undivided attention, as GandhiJi rightly said-

“No two leaves are not alike, but have the same capacity”



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