How agricultural development can stop overnight price rise?

1Q."Rushing towards tertiary sector from primary production level causing inflation"- discuss how agricultural development can stop overnight price rise?

In India every youth’s dream is either some 9 to 5 job or doing startups to become an entrepreneur, nobody wants to involve himself in agricultural work as a result very less number of youth are involved in it. So no major developmental changes are taking place in this sector. Therefore it’s true that rushing towards tertiary from primary level is the reason of inflation.

Ways to solve over night price rise through agro development:

· The simple way to manage inflation is production enhancement.

· Agro-sector is affected by disguised unemployment so if they are been made capable of producing more crops then production may increase.

· Despite of this -Infrastructure development, irrigation facility, HYV seeds helps to increase productivity.

Production enhancement of agricultural crops is possible by involving competent youth force. For encouraging youths into primary sector following steps should be taken: ** Linking social media and technology to agriculture will improve interest in the agriculture. ** Strengthening higher education in agriculture will increase the participation of youth. ** Putting agriculture on the school curriculum like: In primary and secondary level there must be some modules on farming and growing marketing crops. ** Facilitating access to land and credit can encourage youth to engage into it.

Finally creating job opportunity through agricultural sector will definitely increase production and per capita income of individual and inflation can be stopped. Likewise we can stop overnight price rise through agricultural development.



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